Stakeholder Research

Understanding the stakeholders and their roles within the project allows us to determine how to organize the best approach.

  • Learning from stakeholders about company goals and target audiences.
  • Researching existing documentation and applications
  • Establishing milestones.
  • Defining critical tasks

User Research

User research is the process of gathering information about the types of users who will be using the application or website and understanding why they are using it.  By researching users we can define personas to give insight into the target audience.  This allows us to design the look, feel and functionality of the application to fit the users mental model.  A design that targets Venture Capitalists will look and function differently than a social app for junior high schoolers. By conducting interviews and questioners we can discover;

  • Age
  • Profession
  • Computer skill level
  • Devices they are using and how often (Mobile 50%, Tablet 20%, Desktop 30%
  • Reason for use